Saturday 27 November 2010

ZSP vs. State Repression of Information

At the last fake social consultation with the city housing authorities, officials promised to publish the list of public housing buildings which may be privatized (where claims have already been submitted to court). This promise came after ZSP delivered information to 1500 homes listed on a leaked document. But, what can you expect from politicians and bureaucrats? Almost two weeks after the promised the list would be up... still no list.

ZSP also made a promise: that it would still find a way to get these lists and would deliver the information to the people concerned. So we announce that we got a couple of more lists and teams of people are delivering notices. We expect 500 notices to be delivered to these houses by the end of the weekend.

Two things are worth mentioning: the last list we got just pointed out that it was "confidential" (although the information should be public). Now the lists are marked that they may not be published or reproduced in any way without the prior written consent of the President of Warsaw.

Really? On what grounds? Public information is public information; we see no legal basis to suppress it and, even if there were, the interests of the public are above the law created by the ruling classes. So again, you cannot stop us.

The second thing to be noted is that the city's data bases are out of date. Despite the fact that they employ armies of bureaucrats, they cannot even maintain a correct data base. We already found a number of mistakes. Shame on the city for its incompetence and its cultivation of a parasitic class whose bureaucrats do nothing except screw people at our expense.

We invite tenants whose homes can be privatized to come to an open assembly where tenants activists can advise them about their rights and we can also speak about forms of protest, including strike.