Sunday 7 November 2010

Confronting the Politicians

Former Ministers and leaders of the SLD Wojciech Olejniczak and Ryszard Kalisz decided to visit the slums during their campaigning, trying to find rent strikers, victims of reprivatization and others to take their leaflets. Instead they were surrounded and asked many difficult questions for quite a long time. The looks on their faces tell it all. Below is a video of a particularly interesting part, unfortunately only in Polish. People asked a lot of difficult questions, some of which the politicians were not able to properly answer and tried to corner them for concrete proposals.

Despite their attempts to meet with and co-opt activists from ZSP, we rather have been giving them a hard time. We recall their past promises and warn against trying to fuck with us, reminding them that will always and have always shown up and given them trouble when their party gave the people shit.