Saturday 29 December 2007

New Non-hierarchical Union Formed

On 21 December KFP union was registered. It became a representative union in one international corporation's Poland office.

The union is formed on the basis of direct democracy. There are no leaders of the union. Delegates have a strict mandate and decisions are made as democratically as possible.

Members of ZSP were active in forming the union and hopefully the union will grow to other workplaces. Read more!

Monday 17 December 2007

Killer Cola Action

We organized a little action in the framework of the Killer Cola campaign.

During the action the half-paramilitary/half-Santa Claus actor loaded his weapons when he saw Coca-Cola's trade unionists giving out information about Coke's crimes. One by one he assassinated the workers, with impunity. 3 activists staged a die-in while playing the roles of the slain Coca-Cola employees and former SINALTRAINAL trade union leaders.

The narrator explained the desperate circumstances for Coca-Cola's trade unionist employees in Colombia and appealed to the public to show solidarity with the families of the deceased and other workers by demanding Coca-Cola use their influence and profits to safeguard their employees security.

Damian's account:

Another Killer Coke Christmas street action is planned for 12 noon next Saturday, December 22nd, at Galeria Centrum (opposite H&M) Read more!

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Second Congress of the Union of Syndicalists

On Dec. 8-9 the second congress of ZSP was held in Wroclaw. The first Congress, held in March 2007, was the founding Congress in Gliwice at which the general ideas of association were discussed.

People from 8 cities were in attendance.
The following topics were discussed and decided at the Congress:

1. Some changes were made to the draft statute.

2.Ongoing campaigns.
a. To broaden the campaign against work agencies.
b. To invite people working in or interested in the automobile
industry in Eastern Europe to carry out a joint project.
c. Work on the Coca Cola boycott. ZSP is making a network
of bars and spaces that refuse to sell or serve Coke and working on a
pressure campaign on NGOs sponsored by Coke.

Other recent ideas for actions, for example in support of repressed unionists in Indian and activists in the Clean Clothes campaign, did not get on the agenda of the Congress.

3.Union – KFP
A report was made on the status of the union federation KFP.
(Some members of ZSP will be members of this union, while there are also a couple of members of IP in ZSP.) Writing the statutes of the union took quite a while, but they are quite radical for Polish reality. There is still no decision from the registration court.

4.ZSP Newspaper and Web Pages
Decision to publish the paper Zaplata every 6 months and to improve look of web
pages and A local Warsaw page will
also be made.

It was decided to publish more theoretical works.

4.Mail / contact. Main e-mail contact. Can answer mails/ receive texts
in different languages, esp. English, German, French, Russian,

Other local addresses:

5. Discussion about proposal for cooperation on defending repressed workers.

6.The Congress set the issue of dues and selected a Treasurer, The Treasurer is elected for a term of 2 years.

7.The next Congress will be held in Szczecin. Congresses will be held once a year. Some informal meetings are loosely planned for the time between the Congresses. Read more!