Saturday 27 November 2010

ZSP vs. State Repression of Information

At the last fake social consultation with the city housing authorities, officials promised to publish the list of public housing buildings which may be privatized (where claims have already been submitted to court). This promise came after ZSP delivered information to 1500 homes listed on a leaked document. But, what can you expect from politicians and bureaucrats? Almost two weeks after the promised the list would be up... still no list.

ZSP also made a promise: that it would still find a way to get these lists and would deliver the information to the people concerned. So we announce that we got a couple of more lists and teams of people are delivering notices. We expect 500 notices to be delivered to these houses by the end of the weekend.

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Wednesday 17 November 2010

Tenants Confront President of Warsaw

Tenants were able to attend the presidential debate with Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. They whistlled, chanted "evict the City Hall" and asked questions she did not answer. Despite the interruptions, nobody intervened. On this way, tenants were finally able to confront the President with her policies in a very public and maybe embarrassing way. Read more!

Thursday 11 November 2010

Antifascist Action

In Warsaw a crowd of about 2000 people tried to block a couple of fascist and right-wing marches that went through the city. Police did everything possible to enable the march to go on a different route while provoking, invigilating and surrounding the antifascists.

ZSP also reminded that they are against capitalism and there were some sharp words towards the capitalist political parties whose activists turned up with flags and election leaflets. We gave out about 1500 leaflets to passersby explaining why we were there and giving our point of view that we must also fight capitalism, which is just as deadly as fascism.
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Monday 8 November 2010

President of Warsaw Runs Away from Tenants / Opening of Estate for Evicted under Bridge

For a couple of weeks we have been trying to meet with the President of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. She doesn't seem to ever be in her office, and when she hears we are coming, she runs away. When we found out that she had scheduled a TV debate with the two other main candidates for President of Warsaw in the upcoming elections, we decided to pay a visit. Waltz then cancelled the most important pre-election debate which was to be broadcast live on TV.

No problem - we could (and did) protest against the other candidates.
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11 November – Against Nationalism, Fascism and Capitalism

Statement of ZSP Warsaw

ZSP Warsaw wil actively oppose the marches organized by right-wing organizations in Warsaw 11 of November. We are not only against the right-wing groups such as ONR, and their storm trooper subculture, but also against all the proponents of authoritarianism, xenophobia, racism and capitalism who propagate their conservatice and antisocial world view, regardless of whether they dress in suits or Lonsdale and Thor Steinar shirts.

The politics of the right-wing offer nothing to the working class except for ideological poison which drives people further apart and strengthens the authority and power of small elites.
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Sunday 7 November 2010

Congratulations on Direct Action / New Squats

One direct response to the city's housing crisis is simply to go find yourself a place to live. In Warsaw, it is not easy; the conditions are bad and it is hard to get any electricity, water or other conveniences - some public housing doesn't even have this! In the past months we actively encourage and help people if they are willing to go this way.

Our congratulations to our comrade from ZSP who in the last few days helped to open two new squats, one of which he may move into himself. Read more!

Confronting the Politicians

Former Ministers and leaders of the SLD Wojciech Olejniczak and Ryszard Kalisz decided to visit the slums during their campaigning, trying to find rent strikers, victims of reprivatization and others to take their leaflets. Instead they were surrounded and asked many difficult questions for quite a long time. The looks on their faces tell it all. Below is a video of a particularly interesting part, unfortunately only in Polish. People asked a lot of difficult questions, some of which the politicians were not able to properly answer and tried to corner them for concrete proposals.

Despite their attempts to meet with and co-opt activists from ZSP, we rather have been giving them a hard time. We recall their past promises and warn against trying to fuck with us, reminding them that will always and have always shown up and given them trouble when their party gave the people shit.

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