Tuesday 19 August 2008

Anti-Militarist, Anti-Patriotic Actions

August 15 is a patriotic holiday in Poland. It commemorates the battle of Warsaw of 1920, when Poles beat back the Bolsheviks. The holiday is most cheerfully celebrated by far-right anti-communists and other patriots. This year, the holiday was full of hyperbole. The President was the patron of a very patriot event in Warsaw which included a far-right band popular with skinheads and a military parade. The mood was extremely agressive as right-wing politicians in Poland were busy drumming up anti-Russian sentiment, rallying around the events in Georgia and Ossetia. They also were very proud of signing a deal to host an American missile base. They were showing off how they would professionalize and modernize the army, sinking more tax money into military costs and sending more and more soldiers to places like Afganistan.

Some members of ZSP and comrades from the anarchist movement were out at this event but this protest did not last too long. ZSP members also ventured out to some other actions, like the protest organized at the Russian embassy against Russian agression, with leaflets expressing an internationalist, anti-war position. (Based on the statement made by KRAS.) At one action, we found, instead of the demo, a large group of Polish soldiers and lots of barricades. Apparently this had scared the protestors away. We proceded them to agitate amongst the soldiers, most of whom were draftees, serving out their obligatory military service. We were eventually chased away by officers who did not appreciate the suggestion that soldiers turn their guns on them.

ZSP's next burst of anti-patriotism can be expected on Nov.11 when we will participate in organizing an "anti-ball". November 11 is the Polish Independence Day and this year, the 90th anniversay of Polish "independence", the President has invited the president's of 55 countries to a grand ball. It is also the day when fascists usually hold marches. ZSP will protest that day against the state and capital, against militarism and fascism. Besides the protest, some public meeting will probably take place. Read more!