Saturday 24 April 2010

1 maja

Start: 17:30, 1. maja, sobota. Miejsce: Skwer Przy Skrzyżowaniu Al. Solidarności i Targowej (Przy Cerkwi). Przystanek "Dw. Wileński".

Po demonstracji zapraszamy do Anarchistycznego Infoszopu "Grona Gniewu" przy Targowej 22 na wykład i dyskusję na temat prekaryzacji pracy oraz poczęstunek.

Oprócz demonstracji odbędzie się wcześniej także piknik zorganizowany razem z mieszkańcami Pragi o godź 15:00 przy skwerze obok skrzyżowania 11 Listopada z Inżynierską. Read more!

Sunday 11 April 2010

No war but class war!

This weekend there was supposed to be an anti-war demo in Warsaw. It was called a long time ago and posters were all over the city. But the organizers (PD, Polish version of SWP) decided to call the thing off due to the day of "national mourning". 

Members of ZSP don't feel like mourning the people who sent troops into places like Iraq and Afganistan, where many more civilians have been killed than in the airplane crash in Russia which killed some Polish politicians. We are not mourning the dead politicians, but the victims of Poland's economic and crusader wars. So there was a small picket at the Sejm during the public gathering of mourners. People had a banner which read "No war but class war" and held this antiwar protest anyway, albeit on a much more modest scale.

To hell with the state's martyrology of their dead leaders!
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Saturday 10 April 2010

Picket at Start People

9 April, ZSP made a picket at the Warsaw office of temporary work agency Start People. This was part of international day of action called by CNT Zaragosa, whose member had rights violated, was illegally dismissed and demands return to work.

Workers from Start People came to talk to ZSP about the reasons for the protest. People coming in and going out of agency received new issue of ZSP paper Zaplata which contains many articles about temporary work, including information about rights of temp workers and examples of actions made when there were problems at work.

This action is first in series about temporary work which will be made in Warsaw this month. Read more!

Tenants Action in City Council

A couple of weeks ago, tenants blocked Warsaw City Council, demanding special session devoted to housing problem. This session took place April 8. Over 200 people came to session. Members of ZSP in Warsaw are in Tenants Defense Committe and prepared large report on administrative corruption and violation of rights of tenants and housing laws. Our comrade from ZSP spoke a long time on this subject with expose of problems and made demand that housing be out of control of politicians and into more direct control of people with transparency, accountability and recallability.

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