Sunday 11 April 2010

No war but class war!

This weekend there was supposed to be an anti-war demo in Warsaw. It was called a long time ago and posters were all over the city. But the organizers (PD, Polish version of SWP) decided to call the thing off due to the day of "national mourning". 

Members of ZSP don't feel like mourning the people who sent troops into places like Iraq and Afganistan, where many more civilians have been killed than in the airplane crash in Russia which killed some Polish politicians. We are not mourning the dead politicians, but the victims of Poland's economic and crusader wars. So there was a small picket at the Sejm during the public gathering of mourners. People had a banner which read "No war but class war" and held this antiwar protest anyway, albeit on a much more modest scale.

To hell with the state's martyrology of their dead leaders!

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