Thursday 11 November 2010

Antifascist Action

In Warsaw a crowd of about 2000 people tried to block a couple of fascist and right-wing marches that went through the city. Police did everything possible to enable the march to go on a different route while provoking, invigilating and surrounding the antifascists.

ZSP also reminded that they are against capitalism and there were some sharp words towards the capitalist political parties whose activists turned up with flags and election leaflets. We gave out about 1500 leaflets to passersby explaining why we were there and giving our point of view that we must also fight capitalism, which is just as deadly as fascism.
Our banner said "Nationalism is the enemy of the working class; Fascists are the useful idiots of Capitalism" and we used it to try and block the street. The "red block" (as the organizers decided to name it) managed to block a few streets for a while .

There were some clashes with fascists, but even more with police. We refused to get ourselves in the police cordon and resisted attempts of the cops to push us there; we also intervened during an arrest but unfortunately did not manage to unrest the demonstrator as there were too many cops. In the end, the fascist march, which was rerouted, got blocked only a while; a huge force of police quickly surrounded people and held then in the cordon. Those out of the cordon were not able to get too close because of police escorts and blockades during the way. So again, the fascist march demonstrated in Warsaw, helped by masses forces of police (and taxpayer money).

At least 33 people were arrested, including one comrade from ZSP. At the time this article was written, a solidarity picket was being organized at the police station. Some people were also injured and had to be taken to the hospital.