Monday 8 November 2010

11 November – Against Nationalism, Fascism and Capitalism

Statement of ZSP Warsaw

ZSP Warsaw wil actively oppose the marches organized by right-wing organizations in Warsaw 11 of November. We are not only against the right-wing groups such as ONR, and their storm trooper subculture, but also against all the proponents of authoritarianism, xenophobia, racism and capitalism who propagate their conservatice and antisocial world view, regardless of whether they dress in suits or Lonsdale and Thor Steinar shirts.

The politics of the right-wing offer nothing to the working class except for ideological poison which drives people further apart and strengthens the authority and power of small elites.
Nationalism – this is the ideology which pits people from different lands against each other when internationalism is needed more than ever to combat the manoeuvres of global capital.
Racism – functions essentially like nationalism, promoting hatred for no reason, creating false scapegoats for societal problems created by factors such as capitalism.

Fascism – extreme authoritarianism which will never solve the problem of a lack of democracy in the liberal-parliamentary system. The cult of leaders and totalitarian dictatorships of parties can come in different colours, brown and red and sometimes mixed. Each of these forms of power aim to destroy real grassroots social movements. During the period around the Second World War, people from both tendencies murdered workers fighting for their rights.

Capitalism – the tool which allows elites to accumulate wealth, power and control over the means of production – pushing even more social groups into the abyss of unemployment, homelessness and poverty. The ideological screen of capitalism is liberal democracy, which in its hyprocisy announces its fight against fascism and nationalism, although it is the best medium for these tendencies.

We oppose the spread of these toxic ideas and call instead for human solidarity, internationalism and libertarian communism based on direct democracy. We oppose centralization with self-management at the workplace and in the community.

We look critically on those antifascists who come from the liberal tendency and call for opposition against fascists from ONR, at the same time expressing their acceptance of the worst antisocial politics of neoliberal capitalism. Capitalism is a system just as deadly as fascism and is responsible for the death and misery of millions of people. Modern ghettos for the excluded are created on the orders of the neoliberals which the loud applause of the neo-liberal media – with Gazeta Wyborcza at their head. Therefore, being antifascists, we are the enemies of the propaganda line represented by Gazeta.

We call on those who share this opposition to capitalism as much as fascism to join the anticapitalist blok on Nov. 11.

Fascists and bourgeoisie – we plan your end!