Saturday 17 December 2011

ZSP looks for owner of shady work agency, warns about safety on construction sites

ZSP continues to inform the public about the case of Karol M., who is still in a coma after an accident at work and warn them about the work agency "Jerzy Madziarowicz- MIX". The boss of the agency, which hires people for construction work, claimed that Karol was not even working for him after the accident happened. Karol, who was working without an proper safety equipment, was left in a coma, without insurance. The agency claims that it has absolutely no responsibility.

Unfortunately we cannot seem to locate Madziarowicz. On Saturday morning we went to his house with a picket but we still have not found him. A young woman there called the police on us because we taped a leaflet to the house. We had an interesting discussion with the police how it is that they came so quickly to intervene because we taped a leaflet while they did practically nothing when Karol's distressed family went to them about the accident, lack of proper building safety, failure to report the accident, etc. etc. We were warned not to "harass" anybody.

While leafleting nearby we encountered other construction workers without the proper safety equipment and we had some conversations. Typically these are poor people from towns where there is no work, looking for any job they can get. And we found out that some also had problems with payment. We pointed out that what happened with Karol can happen with anyone, so better get organized.