Tuesday 6 December 2011


On the night – early morning of December 6, three buildings were set on fire, one after another, in the Praga neighbourhood. In each case, somebody went into the basement and started a fire.

In one house live two of the founders of the Tenants Defense Committee. It was at a meeting of neighbours in front of this house that we first met. Now the residents of the building are terrorized. In another house live tenants who were fighting for their building. A few of our friends were hospitalized but will be OK.

(The man speaking in the microphone and the woman in the wheelchair were victims of arson last night. They had to be taken to the hospital due to smoke inhalation but will be OK.)

It is very clear that given the fact that the city and developers did not manage to evict everybody from the neighbourhood yet, it has come to these acts of terrorism. Older residents now say that was Hitler and the Nazis did not manage to do – destroy Praga – is now being done by the city and that these fires are something like a „final solution” to the problem of troublesome tenants.

We absolutely refuse this terrorism and will organize to fight back and defend ourselves. Arsonist beware: we are now on the lookout for you and your asses will be burnt if we see you.

We will not wait until there is another Jola Brzeska, another person killed by „persons unknown”.
Already we are mobilizing for action.

For those who speak Polish, you can watch or listen to some interviews about the arsons: