Thursday 15 December 2011

Anarchosyndicalism is not a Crime!

On Dec. 14, ZSP held an informational action at a shopping mall in Warsaw to draw attention to the working conditions in FF Mercantil factory in Brazil and to the case of Icaro Polleto from the COB-AIT, who was due in court on the same day.

Icaro was working at FF Mercantil, a sweatshop which produces mainly for the LOTTO and FINTA brands sport clothing. He was involved in trying to organize there. Workers were demanding a five-hour work week, 8-hour day, air conditioning and ventilation, extra pay for working in hazardous conditions and the right to organize.

Icaro was fired. Later he was threatened by pistoleros and now he has a court case for supposedly "slandering" the company.

Leaflets were handed out to holiday shoppers, asking them to buy responsibly and consider the working conditions things are made in. Information was given about the conditions LOTTO products are made in, what happened to our comrade and the boycott of this brand. (FINTA is not sold normally here.)

ZSP also sends its solidarity to Icaro and strongly condemns the use of slander laws as a way to scare people from talking about their working conditions.

A copy of the leaflet (in Polish) is available here.