Saturday 3 December 2011

Disrepect and Profanation of Fascist Symbols

Today in Warsaw was an action to show disrespect and to attack fascist symbols. The action was made as a response to the growing tolerance and legitimization of the far-right. A court in Warsaw allowed the group NOP (National Rebirth of Poland) to register a number of logos, including the Celtic Cross and a falange. These are now protected under law and the leader of NOP boasted that he would make a case against anybody who showed disrespect to the logos. In other words, defacing the logos is now some sort of infringement of NOP's legal rights.

NOP registered other logos as well, such as a homophobic sign of people having anal sex with a universal no symbol.

Some people decided to go out and publically show their disrespect for these symbols anyway. There was ZSP, some other anarchists, socialists and LGBT activists. People were invited to make fun of the homophobic logo by posing in a big no sign, people had signs against the NOP logos. There were some rolls of toilet paper with the falanga, NOP and other things which people could wipe their asses with.

A few groups of boneheads came, waiting to attack. More of them waited nearby to try and beat people afterwards. There were some verbal confrontations, but people made fun of their stupid slogans and continued to detourn and destroy the fascist symbols. Some photos are below.