Wednesday 27 April 2011

Visit to the OTTO Office in Warsaw

On April 27, ZSP visited the OTTO Office in Warsaw to remind them of the case of Maciej, who has not been paid sick leave and was being jerked around by the company. We have been campaigning for the company to pay and they even promised to do so... only still no money yet. At the office we saw the manager for Central Europe, who just happened to be in Warsaw that day, so we went to talk to him and give him a red card for OTTO, just like OTTO gives red cards to workers who they want to fine.

After some discussion with the office in Holland, the manager told us (and the radio) that they would send money to Maciej on May 3 and would pay him until the end of his contract. His contract was temporary and would end in June. We would like OTTO to offer him new work at the end of the contract that will not cause damage to his health.

We are keeping an eye on the situation and hope the payment will be made, or else we will be back with a protest.