Sunday 10 April 2011

Hands off our Flats!

Protest against the proposed amendment of the Act on the "Protection" of Tenants' Rights. April 29, 16:00.

Proposed changes include:
  • giving the city the power to charge higher rents in more "attractive" neighbourhoods and buildings
  • limiting their obligations to provide social housing to people who have been evicted
  • taking any the rights of relatives living in a flat to take over a lease after the main tenant has deceased (usually this relates to children)
  • changing municipal leases from an indefinite period to a set time, with periodic income checks
These changes will hit the working poor the most, especially the last one as the income limit to qualify to public housing is completely unrealistic!

We say, stop speculation, stop the attacks on low-income people and one public housing! Housing is not a profit-making commodity - it is a basic human need!