Monday 7 March 2011

We Will not Forget, We Will Not Forgive

On March 7 we learned of the murder of a 64-year old tenant activist from Warsaw. (On photo during anti-eviction action.) The local ZSP issued the following statement:

The burnt body of tenant activist Jolanta Brzeska was found in the woods in Warsaw. 

Jola fought for passionately for the rights of all tenants. She herself lived in a building which wound up in the hands of the notorious slumlord and speculator Mossakowski, known for his inhuman treatment of tenants. He raised her rent very high but she fought back. Her case was still in the courts but she already was over 20,000 euros in debt. But she was the only one left, the only one still fighting back, the only tenant left in that building.Jola spoke about her situation. She spoke many times at meetings with politicians and housing adminstrators, who said they were familiar with her case. But they did nothing. She was transferred to the slumlord like chattel when the house went from municipal housing to private and, although she was a retiree with a limited income, she could not get back into municipal housing. This is the direct result of an inhuman housing policy.

Whoever actually killed her, she is the victim of this antisocial policy. And there are many, many others whose health and life are destroyed by privatization, speculation, gentrification and profiteering at their expense.

Jola, we will not forget, we will not forgive.

Due to this tragic news, the squatting action planned for Wednesday will be postponed and we will take action with other tenants groups to remember Jola instead. More information in English will appear on the zspwawa blog in upcoming days.