Monday 14 September 2009

Protest Sept. 11

trles 169On Sept. 11, a group of people from ZSP Warsaw, Anarchist Solidarity and some non-alligned supporters visited the Serbian Embassy in Warsaw to demand the release of comrades arrested in Belgrade.

On Sept. 7, some people also visited the Embassy and delivered a protest letter. Apparently the presence of even such a modest protest unnerved the Embassy people. When we arrived on the 11th, there was a police van and cops waiting.
Members of ZSP made some speeches and delivered a new statement to the Embassy, but, as the Embassy people were hiding, it only went into their mailbox. The activists harshly criticized the actions of the Serbian government, the way the comrades were arrested, police methods used, the detention of the comrades without charges, etc. etc. There was also a long diatribe against state terrorism and the hypocrisy of the government.

In rather absurd style, there was also a strange exchange with the police, who warned us against “cursing in public”, which is a punishable offence in this whacky country. The police however did not want to define which words constituted curses, but we did manage to establish that only curses in Polish are curses under Polish law.

The new embassy building is in the middle of nowhere, so there were almost no passersbys. However the picket could be heard for kilometers around due to the strange accustics in the location.

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