Thursday 24 September 2009

About IMF/WB and Workshop for Activists

This weekend there will be a couple of activities in the Infoshop. There will be a talk about the IMF/WB and a film. We send our solidarity to the comrades in Istanbul. There will also be a workshop for activists. Based on experiences in the student movement, workers' movement and tenants' movement, there is much one can learn about effective organizing.

A note about the Infoshop: the administration has recently threatened to kick us out in relation to the meetings of the Tenants' Defence Committee. We were quite shocked that for years radicals have met openly in the space, but now the city is trying to repress the tenants self-organization. We are sure that this is in relation to the fact that the Committee is, among its other activity, investigating years of corruption in the administration.

We decided that we allow this repression to go unanswered. The administration is a little uneasy and is probably assessing the situation.

The Infoszop has been running for 8.5 years.

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