Friday 27 March 2009

Free Praga

Members of ZSP Warsaw took over the editorship of the free neighbourhood paper "Free Praga". The paper is meant for residents of Warsaw's Praga district and usually contains information on local political events, corruption, social problems of the neighbourhood, cultural and political events plus advice.

This issue of the paper is devoted to the question of gentrification and explains the expected effects of government sponsored "revitalization" programs. There is information on tenants protests, on the situation of tenants in a reprivatized house and on new rent increases and what kinds of discounts and subsidies you may get. Besides this, this is information on new high-end housing projects to be built in the neighbourhood and about tenants and neighbourhood associations in Warsaw and in the ocmmunity. Other subjects include information on how the Polish state cooperates with Vietnamese secret services to deport people, about Komuna Otwock theatre which holds some interesting political discussions and about consultation on Labour Law in the Infoshop.

For Polish readers, a copy of this issue of Wolna Praga (Free Praga) is available on line here:

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