Monday 16 March 2009

8th Anniversary of the Warsaw Infoshop

March 15 was the 8th anniversay of the Warsaw Infoshop "Grapes of Wrath" - commonly known as just "the Infoshop". The Infoshop birthday party was accompanied by an exhibit by the radical womens' art group "Marie Antoinette's Severed Head" on the crisis and social uprisings. -- The Infoshop is a collectively run space with an anarchist bookshop, library and meeting space. It is used by a number of groups including Union of Syndicalists, Praska Anarchist Group, Freedom Equality and Solidarity. Warsaw Vegans, Free Konopi, Praga Bicyclists, KFP union, Anarchist Solidarity and occasionally by a local house cooperative. The (sporadically updated) Infoshop page, with film announcements, a few book reviews and long and short list of publications in the library:

Address of the Infoshop:
Targowa 22 lokal 27a
03-731 Warsaw

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