Thursday 12 July 2012

Picket at Interkadra Employment Agency

On July 12 we held a picket in front of Interkadra employment agency. The immediate reason for the picket was that one of their offices are recruiting replacement staff for workers who were fired while on strike.

A group of 23 workers at the Chung Hong factory in Biskupice Podgórne were fired for trying to get better working conditions. The workers were trying to demand a 300 zloty (70 euro) raise to their meager salaries. The factory did not consider any raise, even after the outside negotiator from the union cut the wage demands during negotiations, to as low as 100 zloties. A union activist who was asking workers about a strike was fired and some other workers protested. After the weekend, they found themselves locked out and decided to strike. They were then fired for disciplinary reasons.

We condemn the actions of Chung Hong and also of Interkadra, which is helping out by recruiting replacement workers from an extremely depressed area.

Interkadra is also known to us as acting against unionized workers in Carrefour. While the workers are trying to fight for regular contracts and full-time employment with benefits, Interkadra supplies a steady stream of temporary and part-time workers, and workers on trash contracts.

We told Interkadra that we condemn their role in the supply for low-paid and precarious workers to union-busting bosses and that they can expect some visits from us. They apparently got very nervous and locked the doors and shut the office while we were there.