Wednesday 2 May 2012

May Day - The Struggle Continues

On May 1 anarchists and anarchosyndicalists held a May Day march in Warsaw. During the march we spoke about the worsening situation of the working class: the widespread use of trash contracts, raising the retirement age and the capitalist attack on all that workers' had gained in the past hundred years. We criticized the mainstream unions, which compromise with the bosses and refuse to call strikes, even when faced with the most drastic of situations.

ZSP had banners with slogans like "Enough compromises" "the Class war continues" and "We don't want to die working" and gave out leaflets with criticized the pseudoleft, which was also marching on that day. In particular we condemned the neoliberal formation, RP,  which incorporated some liberal lifestyle issues and poses as a left party, while voting to raise the retirement age. We also had pointed out before the demo how the nationalists try to take over May Day and infiltrate the working class movements.

Passing by streetside cafes which were open for business, we pointed out to the people at the tables that the staff there earn less per hour than the price of their lattes, and they not only have to work on May Day, but get no paid vacations at all.

The demo drew a lot of interest, both from passersby and from the media.  Various people took part in the march. Besides the ZSP and the Anarchist Federation, there were a lot of individual anarchists, some people from the Indignant group, as well as different radical leftists who joined the only anticapitalist march on this day.