Saturday 21 April 2012

Picket at Empik

On April 21, ZSP held a picket at an Empik store in Warsaw against working conditions in the chain and in support of workers who are organizing and beginning to take some actions. Empik is a huge chain of bookshops and for the last three years we have been in contact with workers from around the country. The initial contact was made through the Worst Employer of the Year contest. Every year we get dozens of complaints about them and last year they received 3rd place, for which they threatened to sue us. But that just caused more workers to send us evidence, with which we helped them to organize complaints and now some legal cases. Furthermore, we have heard that some employees have started to engage in various acts of sabotage as some sort of revenge.

Well, it is better to get organized!

This year, we gave Empik the first place, because of the sheer amount of complaints against them. Among the most common were unpaid overtime without work evidence, workers being forced to do other, additional jobs like moving heavy stacks of books, not having sick days and being threatened with dismissal if ill, mobbing, lack of fire safety measures and liquidation of employee social funds. We also know some cases of improper dismissals and there were workers who claim that they had to attest that they were not members of unions. We will follow with a series of informational actions and continue supporting the workers who want to take action, encouraging them to organize.