Saturday 28 January 2012

Informational Actions against Raising the Retirement Age

ZSP is campaigning against raising the retirement age to 67. We have been making some informational campaign, handing out hundreds of leaflets everyday and collecting signatures for an initiative to hold a referendum.

At each step we also point out that many people, especially those under 30, are going to have lower pensions not because the retirement age is too low, but because the government allows employers to pay much lower contributions for people on various types of trash contracts. This is also one of the reasons that employers prefer to use them and the incidence of precarity has increased dramatically. ZSP is also campaigning against trash contracts, illegal outsourcing, false self-employment and the casualization of labor in general. One of our main aims is to get these problems more into public debate. After a recent conflict with a liberal bar in Warsaw which was picked up and discussed in the mainstream media, this topic came more under debate. We continue informing people, especially young people, about their rights and the consequences of this use of trash contracts.

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