Saturday 1 October 2011

Boycott Election Actions Continue

Over the past few weeks, ZSP has been calling on people to boycott elections. At least twice a week there are leafleting actions, plus posters, stickers, flyers... On Oct.1 there was a small happening as well. While songs about politicians played, people could take part in various games such as knocking over politicians or throwing balls with the names of the parties into the dustbin of history. Many people took part, some coming up and just punching or kicking the faces of various politicians.

During the action we were also visited by angry supporters of the Polish Labour Party which threatened to tear down ZSP posters since somebody pasted a boycott poster over theirs. On the other hand, we were also visited by a former supporter and employee of the leader of the party who was cheated by the boss / union and Labour Party leader and who took him to the Labour Court and won his case. He was very happy to be able to throw something at the man's face and knock him down.

ZSP argues for the building of grassroots and democratic social movements instead of voting and trying to achieve change through a political system which concentrates power in the hands of a few.