Wednesday 22 June 2011

OTTO Workforce sends thugs against activists; ZSP launches new picket campaign

There is still the situation of injured worker Maciej, who does not know if he will receive further sick pay due to the inappropriate actions of OTTO, and now some people working in Wroclaw were also cheated and not paid for all the hours they worked. Due to the continued revelations of problems with OTTO Workforce, including more incidents brought to light by Dutch investigative journalists, ZSP announced that it would picket OTTO every day starting June 20, for at least the next two weeks, and maybe longer.

Yesterday the first in this new series of pickets was held in Warsaw. Today, OTTO was more prepared and called in some security goons to try and intimidate the activists. The "tough guys" pathetically tried to claim that people could not give out leaflets. When somebody asked them what they were talking about and why not, they said "because we don't want you here" and made veiled threats about the "very stupid" thing we were doing and tried to take people's photos. Of course they were told to fuck off.
This is not the first time that we have seen OTTO try to intimidate people in such a way - their security in Holland even was physically attacking people and we witnessed how they barked at any workers who wanted to take a leaflet. This is part of the problem that workers face with this company; they are constantly surprised by goons who tell them what they can and cannot do and arbitrarily put fines on them and intimidate them so they are afraid to fight back. But if OTTO thinks such primitive tactics are going to discourage us, they are complete fools. NONE of their psychological tactics will dissuade us, neither their smiley faced dismissal of problems, pretending they are going to do something when they are not, nor their denial or claims that things are just "isolated mistakes" or their attempts to use police and security thugs against us.

Workers beware and organize against cheating and exploitation!