Tuesday 24 May 2011

You cannot ban our rage!

Rumors have been circulating in the press about the ban of the protest and action entitled „Barracks for Obama”, organized by the ZSP, to be followed by an anti-war demonstration. These are part of the demonstrations planned during the visit of Barack Obama and the presidents of other countries for the Meeting of Central European Presidents.

We say that you can try to ban us, and try to hide us from the eyes of visitors in a primitive attempt to convince foreign powers that all in Poland agree with the sycophantic militaristic, neoliberal escapades of the government. But you will not succeed. We will not cede the streets and you will have to take us by force, just like your predecessors in the ZOMO.

Once again the authorities are so stupid to resort to police state tactics, threatening to turn an angry but peaceful event into a confrontation. We will not go peacefully or quietly and many residents of Warsaw will become witnesses to the realities of „democracy”. It should also be mentioned that the Polish authorities are also infringing the rights to American citizens to great President Obama, since they are among the organizers of the protest and wanted to attend the event.

During Obama's visit to Poland, he will be pushing several points of American interest, in particular, the stationing of F-16s in Poland, to be moved from Aviano in Italy, to a base in Lask and the development of shale gas by American corporations, including Halliburton.

The ZSP has planned two protests during this visit plus is ready to make other spontaneous actions. It plans to protest not only against militarism and the destruction of the environment by big corporations but also against the anti-social nature of government policies which condemns thousands of people to homelessness, poverty and a lack of health care, at the same time wasting huge money on the petty ambitions of those who are in power.