Monday 25 October 2010

City Hall Occupation of President's Office

Today we decided to visit the President of Warsaw in City Hall. People announced they were there to see her and took over the meeting room. A ZSP banner was hung on the balcony of the office overlooking the square and as soon as we decided to speak from the bullhorn from the office, Vice President Jakubiak showed up. As we have much outstanding business with him and matters to discuss, we sat down to a meeting. The Tenants' Defense Committee presented 20 postulates which they would like to be implemented and demanded that he answer each one. The meeting was filmed and went out on the radio. 
Of course Jakubiak only tried to get some of the people there to meet personally to discuss their matters, but we demand a systematic change to the housing question. The Vice President doesn't care - the party isn't running him for re-election and instead he'll get some high-paid job in a bank. At least people can get a taste of the real opinions of City Hall.

We reminded the city that we still want to talk to the President and will find her sooner or later - after all, we know where she lives. After some time we decided to leave the City Hall since tomorrow we will confront the city bureaucrats again.
Below are some photos: