Saturday 17 July 2010

Euro Pride in Warsaw

by Pantera

This year the Euro Pride parade took place in Warsaw. Poland is a country with an overinfluential Catholic church and homophobia is common. Most homosexuals are still "in the closet" in public life, for example in workplace. There can take place mobbing or discrimination - which is hard to prove and causes distress. So the people stay silent.

Again, a big part of Polish society do not accept gay parades or any public exhibition of another sexuality or other values than traditional, heterosexual family. The most aggressive of these are "real Catholics" and "real patriots" who are so fearing the difference that they make physical attacks on parade. Again this year, eggs, bottles and other objects thrown. Counterdemonstrations all over city.

Other problem is to break mental block that "workers movement" is the movement of men, the movement of "normal people", which means "heterosexual". Lately there appeared even some fake division, that some people say "homosexuals are bourgeois" and claim "workers don't care and don't accept this". This is attitude that removes homosexuals, bisexuals from working class! It is the same discrimination but hiding behind posture of "class consciousness".

We can see the ZSP fights against this attitude and says "yes to freedom", "no to discrimination". The homophobia is another sickness which drives us apart and serves ruling classes, especially clergy. We say enough fake divisions - fight to get rid of your oppressors!