Monday 21 June 2010

ZSP Demands Plane Tickets for Stranded Workers

ZSP has started a campaign to help get plane tickets bought for 21 Chinese workers who are stranded in Warsaw and have no money to get home. All of them are in a precarious situation: they have little money and face deportation. They are camped on the lawn of the Chinese Embassy in extremely bad conditions.

The people worked on the Wola Tower construction site in Warsaw. ZSP is asking the firms involved to pay for tickets back to China. 

Currently, under the law, employers hiring people from countries like China have no obligation to ensure that they have a ticket home. Visa regulations have been relaxed to make it easier to exploit Asian workers, so having a return ticket is not even a requirement for receiving a work visa.

ZSP is trying to make pressure on the investors in Wola Tower. It is also trying to force the Ministry of Labour to reassess the requirements for hiring foreign workers in Poland, the lack of responsibility placed on the bosses and the lack of possibility for foreign workers to protect their rights and bring claims against their bosses.