Monday 22 March 2010

Huge Victory for Tenants Group

There was a huge victory for the Tenants Defense Committee. At the end of last year, we caught the Ministry of the Economy trying to sneak through legistlation that would be extremely unfavourable for tenants. The legislation would have allowed landlords to be able to raise rents every month and would have facilitated eviction and other means of forcing people out of public housing.

The legal analysis and social assessment we prepared was introduced in Parliament for discussion and protests were sent. We are happy to say that the bill is now dead and politicians have openly stated that it is because of what we prepared.

Although this type of thing may happen from time to time somewhere else, it is rather unheard of that a group like this can manage to block anything,especially something prepared by such a powerful institution as the Ministry of the Economy. This is quite a unique victory in this country and one which we think may have saved tens of thousands of people from homelessness, debt and misery.

ZSP, besides being involved in workers' issues, is also involved in a number of other matters, especially the tenants' movement, the movement for free and universal education, for free public transport and for the improvement and against the dismantling of the public health care system.

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