Monday 23 November 2009

Congress ZSP

On November 21-22 the ZSP Congress was held in Szczecin. One of the topics there were the growing incidence of cheating workers at construction sites. In Wroclaw one colleague who worked at a site run by the  company KUK was not paid when the Polish firm closed its office. It is a German firm which set up an office in Poland for a construction project, closed the office without paying people and claim that this was a "different firm" than the German one. Members of ZSP decided to help with this case and a member of ZSP in the construction industry is agitating at his workplace. We decided that we need to make a wider campaign for workers on these sites and carry out agitation and information activities.

The syndicate of education workers is joined by people in various cities and a publication is being produced.

It was also noted that the "Know Your Rights" series of booklets is popular and useful, so more should be produced. Besides this, we talked of the need to do workshops in different cities.

In terms of organizational matters, it was time for a new treasurer and an official secretariat. The work of the Congress should be confirmed within two weeks by all the sections.

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