Wednesday 15 April 2009

Upcoming Protests and Event

Some upcoming protests that we will take part in (not necessarily related to workers' struggles):
April 15 - Demonstration of residents of Praga. In particular against reprivatization of houses, evictions, rent increased.
April 16 - Demonstration of refugees.
April 17 - Demonstration in support of the squat Elba which is threatened with eviction.
April 20 - Demonstration against rent increases.
April 24 - Demonstration in Bielsko-Biała in support of hospital workers.
April 26 - Demonstration against building nuclear power plants in Poland.
April 27 - Demonstration against rent increases.
May 1 - Picket, Hyde Park against rent increases. May Day march and festival. May Day will stop at several places - Praski Hospital, Post Office and Carrefour supermarket to speak about workers' struggles there. Possible stop at immigrant market place.

In addition, we'll have a discussion about the Bologna Process sometime at the end of April in the university.

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