Saturday 28 February 2009

ZSP finds "Worst employer of year"

ZSP held a contest for the title of "Worst employer of year 2008." Any person could nominate the employer. Many people wrote and told of breaking the workers rights in their workplace. Last week ZSP announced the winner... or maybe we should say, the losers.

First place went to firm Vobro. Some workers from this chocolate factory made nomination, as well as members of family of Krzysztof Pruszewicz, who died in factory and readers of CIA. ZSP promises to deliver prize personally to boss.
About the death of Krzysztof you can read here:

Next worst was decided Almar2 firm from Krakow.

Working conditions there are very bad. The people have to work free during trial period, which is illegal. They have to work on holidays and bosses cheat with salaries. Also they make salaries depend on "bonuses" and make this depend on incomes of company. So it is possible to get less than a minimum salary.

Third place was firm Redan, which runs the clothing stores in Poland, many chains. This is very bad: people have to work sometimes 12 hours, even 3 days in row, with threat to be fired. They make tricks not to give employment contract - making different agreements with agencies. Also when the customers shoplift from stores, they take money from salary of workers.

Members of ZSP said contest was popular and hoping next year even more. They made it because always there are awards for good bosses, but workers should have chance to say their boss is bad.

Also it is good way for people to signal the problems. Some advice and help was given to a couple of people who asked.

by Pantera

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