Wednesday 2 July 2008

Kickoff of internationl week of actions against anti-union practices of Lionbridge

On Monday 30th June Priama akcia IWA Slovakia organised the second protest action in the seat of Slovak branch of Lionbridge or as Irish folks called it - "Lying Bridge" First news show that the action week initiated in cooperation with Polish anarchosyndicalists slowly brings its first results. What is needed now is to push even harder before 4.7.2008 when the trial starts!

Events in Zilina, Slovakia

This was our second action in Zilina branch of Lionbridge (first was in March together with International Secretary of IWA/AIT - We went to 3rd and 9th floor where LB operates. On the 3rd floor we met with a few employees, had a
talk and spread leaflets.

Then we went to 9th floor where management seats to express our protest against the practices of the company and to show our support of Jakub and to give them small present (hanged lion with the Lionbridge name to stress that the company is digging its own grave - see In the hall a person who introduced himself as Víte(zslav ?i?lák approached us. We asked if we can meet with the manager, to which we received the reply that there is nobody there who could have time to meet us. We knew that the Polish manager was not there.

However, several things showed us that the Slovak manager was there and that he just cowardly sent this stooge. We didn't want to leave that easily, especially after this arrogant dealing with the guy saying ?and now please leave". However, we left after a while (that, we think, was a mistake). We handed out our present for the management. The guy said: "I hope there is no bomb in it" so we at least had a good laugh. We also noticed a felt pen sign next to the entry doors on the
9th floor saying "Readmission for Jakub!" that made the management so angry that Priama akcia received an e-mail from the owner of the building (not LB) that we are not welcome there anymore because of this.

At the parking place we spread some leaflets to windscreen wipers and left the place with thoughts what was done wrong and right. We would like to thank non-PA members for support of the action.

Events in Warsaw

In our article Join an international week of protests against the labour
practices of Lionbridge corporation
( we wrote about ways to
help in the case of dismissed unionist Jakub G and other details.
Today, 2nd July, just 3rd day of the action week, we can clearly see the first
results of international pressure. Moreover, the Polish management received info
about the 4th July solidarity demo in front of the Warsaw company office. Their
response? Panic in the Warsaw branch. In other words, a crisis meeting was
called in a hurry to find what to do. One of results is that they want to block
the case from getting to mass media. Also last week's visit by the Labour
Inspection that was interested in Jakub's case was stressful for the management.
It seems the Lion doesn't like publicity. Which we will give it with pleasure;)
For those who want to know more about the background and concrete lawsuit
matters, we refer to articles from the website of Union of Polish Syndicalists
Czy publiczne informacje moga; byc' tajemnica; firmy?
( and O sprawie

Events worldwide

Besides our action on 30th June and international call for solidarity that
caused many e-mails and other forms of protest by individuals and organizations,
there will be other actions. For example in Madrid, Dublin, Copenhagen and
Warsaw on the 4th of July. Check news at the website of the Union of Polish
Syndicalists ( There are also connections being
made with translator's associations which are interested in the case. For
example, the Irish ITIA published info about Jakub's case
International pressure with actions directly in Poland shows itself to be a
strong weapon that will lead to successful outcome. The fact is that Lionbridge
management knows well they have no chance to win the court case.

The campaign goes on! And you can still easily join

Lionbridge thought that Jakub wouldn't defend himself. They were wrong. Now it
is important to put such a pressure, that they immediately give in and accept
Jakub's readmission. They have to feel that lawsuit will only hurt their
reputation and that they cannot act towards unions like that. That's why we
again appeal to show your solidarity. We believe you can find a few spare
minutes and we want to say thanks beforehand for that. Just click on article
Join an international week of protests... and you will learn how to do it.

Priama akcia

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