Wednesday 25 June 2008

Workers Have no Countries!

Nationalism is one of the ideologies which divide people on a false basis. National borders solidify the sovreignity of the ruling classes over the working people - nothing more. The state and capialists use the borders against us. They can move their money and goods across borders but get their border guards to precent normal people from having the same freedom as the capitalists.

The local working classes of wealthier countries long ago developed a false consciousness that immigrants come and take away their jobs when at the same time million of jobs are exported by their capitalist compatriots.

Many things decrease local employment but ultimately the system is to blame. We must sell our labour to buy back our survival. It's the plain old greed of those who own land, companies and the means of production which causes a bigger problem. Most workers are denied any means for self-substance, successful self- or collective employment. Instead of looking at the root of the problem, people are conditioned to find the guilty. Foreigners are one of the scapegoats.

Populist and other right-wing politicians try to convince people that you have to keep people out of your local labour market or you'll lose your job. They cultivate racism to help the process of spreading this idea.

We oppose oppressive border controls which only causes more suffering for workers while bringing benefits to small groups of elites. his is why members of ZSP took part in the organization of a conference and a demo against the EU border agency Frontex, located in Warsaw.

Frontex's oppressive and racist practices lead to the deaths of migrants. Besides that, EU immigration policy forces millions of workers into precarity. Workers without papers are often victims of tremendous abuse and are a much bigger threat to labour standards than if they were allowed to work legally.

Capitalists know bo borders - we shouldn't either. Our resistance must be global.

Down with all countries!

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