Friday 7 March 2008

Protest at the Colombian Embassy

The Union of Syndicalists (ZSP) Warsaw group visited the Colombian embassy in Warsaw on March 6 for the protest against state-sponsored violence in that country. Protests, called for by the National Movement of Victims and backed by human rights groups, trade unions and families of victims, were held in over 180 cities around the world.

ZSP wanted especially to draw attention to the violence against trade unionists and the involvement of the state, corporations, paramilitaries and even the US government in the killing, tortures, beatings and harrassment of unionists. The ZSP activists brought pictures of murdered unionists to decorate the embassy with and spoke about the general situation as well as specific cases in firms such as Chiquita, Coca Cola, Drummond and Nestle.

Unfortunately the whole action was slightly undermined by the actions of the Colombian Embassy and the mysterious non-appearance of the liberals who called the protest. People connected to the Embassy, upon learning that something was planned for March 6, organized its own vigil for March 5 and actively invited people to attend the protest, as part of the March 6 Marches, on March 5, apparently confusing some people as to when the protest was being held. It then staged a pro-government, anti-FARC farce on the embassy grounds. Nonetheless, some people were not confused by the trick and joined the protest on the 6th.

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